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High Quality Hand Machined Aluminium Knob - 20mm x 15mm

High Quality Hand Machined Aluminium Knob - 20mm x 15mm

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Enhance your device controls with our 20mm x 15mm High-Quality Hand Machined Aluminium Knobs. Specifically crafted for use with volume controls, rotary encoders, and potentiometers, these knobs bring precision and durability to your equipment. Constructed from robust aluminum and designed to fit 6.00mm shafts, they provide a reliable grip for smooth adjustments. Suitable for both plum and half-axis configurations, these knobs offer a practical solution to your control needs without compromising on quality. Upgrade your equipment with these functional and aesthetically pleasing knobs.

Choose from a range of colours including Blue, Red, Gold, Black, and Silver. Please note that each order includes one piece of knob

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